Elite Secondary School Arusha in Arusha

About Elite Secondary School Arusha:

Area: Arusha


To offer relevant and cost effective premium secondary education that equips the student with knowledge, skills and morals that are required to effectively participate in the socio-economic development of Tanzania  as a nation in the twenty first century and beyond. Vision The associated vision of the school is to offer twenty first century secondary education, knowledge and skills of the highest order, consistent with Tanzania’s policy expectations in effectively participating in the global arena, based on relevant practical science and technology, on a sustainable basis. 


Shule ni y


Shule iko kilomita 20 kutoka arusha mjini. Ukifika Kisongo madukani, utaendelea mbele mpaka kituo kiitwacho Waya mkabala na kituo cha mafuta kiitwacho Panone. Hapo hapo utakata kushoto mpaka shuleni Elite.

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