Business Registrations & Licensing Agency (BRELA) in Dar Es Salaam

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About Business Registrations & Licensing Agency (BRELA):

Area: Dar Es Salaam

Market economy unregulated and un facilitated breeds chaos and social economic anarchy. Regulation and facilitation therefore, are a necessary ingredient for a vibrant, sustainable and effective market economy. The two activities are responsible for the refereeing and provision of level field in which participants in the market economy compete.

In other words regulatory and facilitatory mechanisms in the market economy arena are responsible for the fair play of all players in the market.

The aim of the Agency is to ensure that businesses operate in accordance with the laid down regulations and sound commercial principles.

The specific roles include the following :
To administer companies and business names laws.
To regulate business by administering business and industrial licensing laws.
To administer intellectual property laws.
To encourage and facilitate local and foreign business investment.


Lumumba Street
P.O. Box 9393

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